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Call the Pigeon Control Experts at Goldshot! Our team of Certified Pigeon Pros knows how to get rid of Pigeons and have tens of thousands of happy Pigeon Control customers throughout the Greater Phoenix area to prove it.

We offer a variety of products/services including Bird Netting, Spikes, Screening, Trapping, Repellents, Deterrents and more. And we’re the only Pigeon Control Company that we know of that offers a Whole Roof Pigeon Control System. That’s right – we can actually guarantee there will be no accumulation of Pigeon Poop or Nesting anywhere on your roof! The other guys will say it can’t be done but we have thousands of customers who say it can. And cleaning is included with every job!

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Guaranteed Pigeon Control!
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Worth The Money...

“I've had Goldshot set up their Pigeon Preventer on my roof for over 6 years and nary a pigeon has landed - and I have the tallest house in the subdivision! Well worth the money in my opinion.” - Jerry F